Activated Music Group is a music production company in Harrisburg PA. Founded by Supa Dupa Sultan a Director and Producer with extensive knowledge and skill in the music industry.


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Activated Music Group

Activated Music Group is a music production company in Harrisburg PA. Founded by Supa Dupa Sultan a Director and Producer with extensive knowledge and skill in the music industry.

More About Supa

Supa, a now multi-level branded success story was not always as such. Born on April 8, 1980, it was only a short time after birth that he received his 1st dose of the hardships of this real world. At the tender age of only 1, his mother passed away, leaving him to be cared for by his father alone. As a single father, Supa’s dad worked hard to encourage his son daily to be greater than he, but life’s hardship caught up with him as well. Supa’s father was succumbed by the pressures of single fatherhood and addiction to drugs became his weakness. His drug addiction led to an unstable environment for Supa and ultimately, his father’s various incarcerations.

Supa being a displaced juvenile, living with various family members and friends of family members grew a great level of independence. He learned at a very early age, he was all he had. When asked about his childhood, humbly he attributes his greatness to his upbringing. “Although my family was financially challenged, the hardships we faced gave me a luxury not afforded to most…..Independence.”
In 1999, Supa established Lock Da Game records, which he worked on till 2002, signing various local artist grooming them for success. Unfortunately, Supa’s upbringing finally reared its ugly effect on his life. Supa now found himself inside the same walls he knew his father was behind most of his life. He was incarcerated until 2005 giving him plenty of time to think and put together his game plan. Upon coming home Supa had new goals and aspirations to achieve. He knew that his potentially successful game plans would never come to fruition if he continued on that path.

In 2009 he moved to Harrisburg, Pa, working various side jobs as he built on his vision for one of the biggest recording studios in the state. It was no time at all before Pro Sound Studios birth was consummated by many talented local producers and artists alike.

Supa is a multi-talented visionary who used his talents and visions to bring to life, Pro Sound Studios, now known as a local staple in the music culture in Harrisburg, PA, and surrounding cities. Supa sat back and watch his success continue to unfold, as he was providing high-level quality sound for artists from all over. But he saw that the process with the artist and their projects coming alive wasn’t seamless. There was a lack of quality visuals once their musical projects were completed. He immediately set on a journey to teach himself the art of videography. It seemed as though whatever he set his mind to and touched, was a success! Before anyone knew it, Supa on the go (his videography brand) had published over 500 videos featuring some well-established like Meek Mill, 2Chainz, Rick Ross and more. Not to mention the slews of local artists who were anxiously aligned to get their visuals created by Supa on the Go. His visuals became so notable that he was featured on “Growing Up in Hip Hop ATL”.

Supa’s vision, dedication, and unmatched hard work has bought him full circle with his goals and dreams. The only remaining component to complete his vision was to start his own Music Label. And why not? He has already been labeled a tastemaker in the music industry, spotting talents like Fetty Wap, Shy Glizzy, and PNB Rock to name a few. His promotions, marketing, and dedication to the artist’s artistry has made him a successful pioneer in the music and video industries. And now his desires to see his artists activated, has bought him to active them himself! As he reiterated, the only one I can depend on is I. Thus the birth of another successful vision brought to life through the eyes of one misfortune youth, whose drive to be better than his circumstances, has bought him great success…..ACTIVATED MUSIC GROUP!

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